Using a Time Attendance System or planning to use one ?

Are you using any Time Attendance Machine and system for recording the attendance / punch details of employees in your company?

For those who have a Time Attendance Machine and software already installed at their company, the relevant questions are… Are you able to have the attendance and control rules implemented in the Time Attendance system ? Or Are you able to generate the required reports from the system ? Thirdly, Are you able to interface the processed attendance data into a Payroll and HR / HCM software application ?


In case your company does not have a Time Attendance Machine and system installed, but interested to have one installed and you do not know much about the rules and controls to apply ?

Well, in both the above cases, Olive HRMS suite can be the ideal solution for you, With the Olive Time Attendance Machine Interface module, you can retrieve the punch data from these machines, process it on a simple to complex rules list, apply various controls, auto compute all the relevant salary and penalty components and integrate it directly to your Olive Payroll, with minimal (we mean it !) user interventions required.

The Olive Time Attendance System (TAS) Interface module is a one stop solution for all your attendance requirements. For a start, it can integrate with more than 15 brands and models of Time Attendance systems in the market including ZK, Nitgen, Fingertec, Foxtech, Zultech, Bio Star, Auto GATE, SmartDB, Secure Time, Heyce, Dyna, Samtech etc. It can directly fetch the punch data from certain brands of machines itself like ZK or it can be configured to retrieve the data from the backend attendance database system.


One of key factors is the ability to support various attendance rules of industries in different countries as we understand that certain rules prevail in specific industries. As an example, some garments or perfume manufacturing companies may have compliances to be matched related to the attendance of employees. Some may have various Shift rules, overtime rules; some have late and early timings rules, lunch allowance rules, penalty rules etc. hence it is not an easy task for a single Time Attendance System Interface to cater to these rules and conditions. That is exactly where the Olive TAS Interface module scores over others…

With its built in 55+ combinational reports available, only in the Olive Time Attendance Interface module, you may not need to look for additional options. Moreover, most of these reports are available with a direct Export to Excel options, which transforms the report into a fully formatted MS Excel sheet © with colored Groupings and sections, with standard headers and company level footers, with each set of data exported to separate columns, without overlapping other columns. The graphical and MS Excel based reports is a feast to the eye and we are confident that some of the reports are bound to match with your exact requirements.

Lastly, the Integration to your Payroll system, with the Olive HRMS Suite, the Olive TAS Interface module can be seamlessly integrated to the payroll module, the user need not re-enter or re-import the processed data into payroll. Olive supports various integration options with Month wise summary, Day wise summary, Date wise summary or Site / Project wise summary postings.

We mention some of the widely used parameters for the selection of the Attendance Software for a company as a matrix below

Conventional Time Attendance

Mostly used for recording punches and has limited Shift capabilities. It can handle only one brand of Time Attendance Machines

Very poor in handling multiple Shifts, especially the Night Shifts and with 3 Shifts in a day.

Shift Allocation / Rostering is mostly done manually and some has limitations of using numeric Employee ID only

Limited manual punch review facility, even if it is available, there is no audit or security access control available.

Handle Overtime, but as a straight forward hours worked after the Shift Out time.

Off Day or Holiday Allocation is common, but may not maintain history, Difficult to handle Special Shifts like Ramadan timings in some countries. Limited or no facility to print Work, Off Schedules with Leave application details

Limited capability to track Shifts and attendance for various Sites / Projects / Locations

Attendance Review facility – if available, quite difficult to use.

Limited Reporting, limited export options, limited formats

Very less controls, no built in facility to intimate the employees on missing, late or early punches.

No facility to generate specific reports automatically for concerned department heads. All manual reports to be taken after the user logins to the application

No auto penalty facilities available or to set penalty rules.

Be contend with what you have got, no (or less) option for customizing as per your exact requirements

Product looks promising, but support services are pathetic.

Olive Time Attendance Interface

One single system to manage the interface to multiple Time Attendance Machines / systems with its own powerful Shift module. User can set multiple Shifts and can have rules against each of the Shifts.

Create as many Shifts as you want and set the rules for Late, Early, Normal Overtime, Shift Overtime, Extra Overtime against the Shifts. Excellent features for Shift cross over timings, fixed OT hrs, Minimal hrs etc.

Facility for Manual or Auto allocation of Shifts, Facility to allocate Shift for a single or group of employees, even import from an MS Excel © file. Facilities to auto allocate Shift based on the punch timings.

Powerful Attendance (Punch) Review facility with Security Access controls, even from ESS and the reviewed records are controlled through the built in Audit Trail facility. You can easily know who has made, what changes on which time…

Overtime classification & computation is a breeze. Create rule for multiple overtime including Normal, Shift, Bonus, Extra, Weekly Off OT, Holiday OT etc. Set rules for computing OT based Off day, Holiday, total hours worked, minimal hours for OT etc.

Separate facility for Off Day & even Public Holiday, can be set for any group of employees, if required, Built in facilities for Special Shift timings like Ramadan and can print Work day, Off Day schedule with or without the Leave application details.

One of the highlight of Olive is the ability to track Shifts, Attendance on Site / Project / Location wise. System can automatically identify the punch Site / Project / Location wise. You may even compute the payroll costing of employees Site / Project / Location wise.

Very appealing user interface with different colors to identify the punch details. Can do the review for a single employee or for a group of employees with multi entry forms. Built-in facility to print the Time Sheets.

Olive TAS Interface module outbids most software on the sheer no. of reports available & with the applicable grouping options. Moreover, you may generate monthly attendance reports with colored sections in graphical format or in MS Excel © format.

With the added Olive Employee Self Service © module, the employee can view the punch details of any month and can even request a review of the timings online with multiple approvals using workflow.

With the Olive Service Manager © module, you may even set to automatically generate specific reports & send to all department heads by email. Totally unattended.

Facility to set various Penalty rules in Olive - can automatically compute the penalty and even post it as a deduction in Payroll. Employee can get a copy of the penalty sheet with each date wise breakup.

Company and the System to support customized vertical requirements related to Time Attendance.

System should be user friendly and backup team (with plenty of patience !) should be available for all the support and training needs.