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Every company may have some unique procedures and processes set up, as part of their operations and it is essential that the same is compiled and documented in a proper fashion. We undertake detailed system study of your existing business processes and can document them as per industry standards. Detailed System Study documents can be prepared for the implementation of any software application for the major domain areas like Accounting, HR and Payroll, Asset Management, Operational areas etc.

We also help in the implementation and Training of Software applications for the above domain areas in your company. Implementation is done based on the detailed System study and documentation, offering best practices also, followed up with detailed training sessions. We offer Classroom training sessions as well as on the job trainings on all our software products.

Apart from the above we also undertake custom development of software applications for vertical segments, based on the customer requirements on our products as well as new areas. You may write to us in detail on your requirements on the above and we shall be in touch with you at the earliest.

How Can Olive Software Solutions Help Your Company?

Olive software can help your company simplify the way the employee information is collected, maintained, and used without burning a hole in your pocket. Olive Payroll and HR Software solution can be accessed as an On Premise solution or as a Cloud Application Service. The Cloud service delivery model delivers on-demand services per employee, per month. Mobile accessibility shall be provided at nominal additional charge via the Olive ESS Mobile application.

Image Olive Payroll & HRMS can help companies to improve the employee management, reduce the employee costs and control the Project wise costing etc. The Employee Self Service module itself will save many administrative costs with its facility for the employee to access much information and to have online applications and approvals not only saving paperwork, but with the quick turnaround or response time.
Image Managing a Payroll for a company is not an easy task, especially when it has varied rules for various groups of employees within a single company or a group company. The rules for payroll components may differ from company to company, industry to industry, division to division, department to department, location to location. Flexibility is the key for many a companies for effective automated payroll computations and this is one of the areas where Olive scores over most of the payroll software’s. With its flexible rule based architecture and the built in formula builder, setting complex rules is a breeze in Olive Payroll. The built in Olive functions and variables allow you to set simple to very complex conditional formulae to automate the computations.
Image One of the bottlenecks of many HR applications is the lack of coverage of the various HR modules. With the vast list of built in and additional modules available in Olive, HR manager need not look for alternate and additional software solutions. Whether it is related to Employee Personal, Official, Qualifications, Skill Sets, Job Experiences, CV, Documents, Dependants, Insurance, Training, Accommodation, Assets given, Leave, Penalty, Memo, Man power Requisitions, Recruitments, Reviews, Performance management etc., Olive has a module to manage the same.
Image Even though there are many factors involved in improving the employee satisfaction in any company, one of them has been identified as an efficient Payroll and HR Software properly implemented. Employee need not run around within the company for getting the required information or to file applications and approvals, an efficient online Employee Self Service portal coupled with mobile app support will certainly improve the employee satisfaction, saving valuable time. With the Olive ESS (Employee Self Service) installed, employee can get the required alerts, view pay slips, leave status, documents and can even apply and approve the various applications like Leave, Leave Travel, Documents, Document Releases, Advances and many more.
Image Olive software makes it possible for managers and employers to access up-to-the minute data from the entire organization. The modules are organized separately with the reports related to each module integrated to the same. Each of the module has built in reports and these reports can be directly taken in a presentation quality graphical mode or even as a formatted Microsoft Excel © file format with colors, headers, groups, footers etc.
Image While many HRMS software solutions assist with compliance readiness, Olive takes it a step further with the help of various compliance reports and controls to help manage compliance risks and avoid financial consequences. The compliance features available in payroll to cross check, compare, and check the variances of payroll figures. The compliance features in Time Attendance systems for timings, overtime etc. are widely used by various manufacturing companies especially garments factories.