Employee Self Service (ESS)


Employee Self Service (ESS) is an online portal platform where the employee has the flexibility to access the system and avail the services provided by the company as part of the Self Service. Employee Self Service helps employees to perform numerous job related functions independently and as part of an approval workflow. ESS, which is an essential tool available in modern HRIS, allows employees to take care of many human resources related and job related tasks that would otherwise need to be completed by the Human Resources personnel or management.

There are many advantages of having an effective ESS platform implemented at a medium or large sized company. When the ESS is successfully implemented in a company, you will see immediate increase in performance, productivity and efficiency. There are many benefits to reap, access to employee personal and official details, access to company level details, better communication, online applications, approvals, reduced cost, standardized processes, faster turnaround times, transparency, better quality. The employee is always aware of the status of his / her applications.

One of the distinct advantages of the Olive ESS is its coverage of the number of activities (process) and details. Employee can access the ESS from an industry standard browser or by using our new mobile app. Hence the employees can access ESS portal from anywhere, office or home. Access to ESS for any employee can easily be controlled by the HR or Administrator from the Olive application interface. Employee can login using their employee ID and password.


The Olive ESS home page itself gives access to plenty of information. The Alerts displayed on the home page warns the employee of all the standard alerts and upcoming events, the Company Alert section on the Home Page helps the HR / Admin personnel to post any warning or important events details to employees. Moreover the Company Documents section helps the employee to download / open the documents the company wants the employee to read. It is a good way for the employee to open and read the content of documents that like Employee Hand book, Policy documents etc. Olive ESS even tracks whether an employee has actually opened / downloaded the document or not and can even list of the employee who has (or who has not) viewed a document.

With the continuously growing list of processes (we call it ‘Activities’) available in the Olive ESS, you are in for a treat. Some of the modules / activities covered as part of the ESS are…

Home Page

Access to the lists of Activities you may open within ESS
As an Employee, you can see all the Alerts related to you including Passport, Visa, Labour / Work permit expiry, Service Period etc. Get reminded on various events and documents.
Facility to show Company related Announcements / Alerts shown for a group of employees, good feature to make a public announcement of an event or emergencies.
Access to various Company related Documents like Employee Handbook, Policy documents, Trade License etc. (can be controlled for selective employees),
Get the list of all your Pending Approvals (if you are an approver or part of a workflow) in a single list ordered nicely based on activities.

Payslip Page

No more printing of Pay Slips or delivering the hard copies of the pay slips to employees in sealed envelopes.
Let the employee has access to their monthly / fortnightly / Semi monthly / Weekly Pay Slips
The employee has the choice to View / Download all the past year and current year pay slips, no need for them contact Payroll department for a copy of the last year pay slip.
Pay slips are available as PDF documents in ESS, directly posted from the Olive Payroll module in one click.

Leave Page

When it comes to controls, there are hardly any competitions, excellent controls available in the Leave application and approval modules.
Employee can view all the past Leave Applications with its Status
Leave Eligibility controls available, you may restrict the employee from applying a leave before a specific no. of months after the last leave (of the same type) was taken
Leave Balance controls available – You may Warn / Block / Ignore the leave application of an employee, if they do not have the required leave balances.
Leave Percentage View & Controls – Set what the company / division / department wise accepted % of the (allowed) leave applications as on any specific date with a Warm / Block / Ignore controls. Applications from Applicants shall be controlled at the source and the approvers can view the percentage of employees who are on leave on each of the calendar day for the entire month.
View Other Employee Applications – Let the approver view all the leave applications of the other employees within the same company / division / department before a leave application is approved or rejected.
View Loan / Advance balance – Let the approver make a judicious decision, whether to approve or reject a leave, clearing all the risks involved. View the list of all the outstanding loans / advances of an employee before a leave is approved.
View Assets – minimize the risks, check all the assets issued to the employee and identify whether you want some of the assets to be returned to the company before the leave is approved.

Air Ticket Page

Applications / Status - Employee can view all the past Air Ticket (Leave Travel) Applications with its Status.
Let the system control whether you want the employee to apply for the Air Ticket before it is due with advance eligibility criteria.
Maintain the Air ticket details of the employee and dependants in Olive and even control the percentage of the amount allocated for Adult, Child and Infant.

Loan / Salary Advance Page

Applications / Status – Let the management decide whether to give this facility to the employee or not. Employee can view all the past Salary Advance / Loan applications with its current status.
The approver can even choose the Installment wise breakup (schedule) against each of the loan / advance application
The Olive Loan / Advance Installment scheduler will auto deduct the amounts every month from the employee salary as per the schedule. Employee wise review facility also available.
Same facility can be used for bulk deductions like Traffic Fines, Recurring deductions etc.

My Info Page

A versatile module to view the details of the employee. Employee can view their personal and official details and can access some vital documents.
Employee can view and even update their Local Address, local Contact nos including mobile no., Permanent Address, contact nos. Email ID. Employee can view their Passport, Visa, Work Permit details and can even download the copy of a variety of documents including passport, visa, work permit, health card, driving license, Civil defense Card, Contract copy etc. Employee need not contact the HR for details and documents like the above, saving valuable time of the HR personnel.

Documents Page

ESS is another medium for the application and approval of specific documents, which the HR normally done with a paper based application and approval procedures.
Let the employee apply for a variety of documents include
- Salary Certificate
- Employment Certificate
- No Objection Certificate for Driving License
- NOC for Travel
- Letter for Bank Loan
The approvers can verify each of the Document application, approve and it will automatically come to HR finally using the approval workflow. HR team can select the approved application, put the Letter head and proceed to print the letter with the Olive filling in all the required details in the printed documents. Just print, Sign, Put the company seal and deliver to the employee. A real time saver and the best part is that the system maintains the complete log of all the applications from the employee. You will know whether the employee has already taken an NOC for bank loan from multiple banks or not.

Passport / Document Release

Some countries maintain certain documents of the employee with the employer or free zone authorities including the employee passport. The issue and return is normally controlled thru an application process, which needs to be approved.
The Documents / Passport Release module helps you to control this process from the ESS with no paper work involved and with its own reminders and alerts

Roster / Time Attendance

The ESS is also interfaced with the Olive Time Attendance System Interface module such that the user may view their daily attendance in a graphical presentation.
Employee can see the punch / Attendance details of any calendar month with the Shift timing and the Actual Punch timings shown. Even the approved Leave applications shall also be shown in the Attendance punch data.

Attendance Review

An effective online mechanism to view the attendance of employees by themselves based on the punch details from the Time Attendance system and request for the review of missing punches, late comings and early leavings.
An employee may have gone directly to the site and may not have punched into the Time Attendance system at Office, he / she can request for a review of the ‘missing punch’ with a reason as explanation. Approver can regularize, change the timings if required.

Reset Password

Admin user can reset the ESS access password of any employee and system shall automatically send an notification mail to the corresponding employee

Admin Login

Facility for a Supervisor / Manager to logon behalf of an employee and do the corresponding applications, an effective tool for employees with limited online knowledge employee