Company Profile

Olive Technologies FZE a leading provider of Payroll and HR solutions in the Middle East and South Asia with a mission to provide quality products and services in the Payroll and HR domain. We help to achieve competitive advantage and try to deliver new service experiences to our customers. We are always ears to the valuable feedback from our customers and try to incorporate them into our products and services. In the first 2 years itself, the company has won many customers from as many as 4 different countries.

The suite of our business applications has enhanced the business and organizational efficiency of many companies worldwide. Olive is conceived and developed by a team of professionals focused on developing cost effective and user friendly solutions for industry requirements, Olive today stands for a wide range of comprehensive and versatile business management applications. We have been providing the best software products to fit your wide range of requirements.

We are the first company to deliver a completely flexible and Realtime Payroll and HR System in the market, which is used by many companies from 2006 onwards. People who have worked on the time-consuming batch processing / month end process / generation based systems will really appreciate the Realtime concept in payroll systems. Our Olive solution is very flexible and adapts to your business processes and not the other way. Olive caters to the small and medium business enterprise requirements with its integrated application modules and for companies who wish to have their applications implemented in the shortest possible time frame available. Our products are updated with the latest features, naturally as per the wish list of our users and well wishers.

We believe in delivering values to our customers, vendors and Olivians and strive to attain better standards through such delivery of value. We will strive to support the stakeholders in all activities related to us. We will endeavor to improve the business models and to enhance the revenues and profits of our stakeholders. In short, we will do our best to meet the expectations of all stakeholders and to add value proposition.

Committed to the objectives set. We will walk that extra mile and go beyond the call of duty to make things happen for all, whether it is on Products features or on Customer support or our own employees.

Our Customers
Our customers are our best asset and the key to our development strategy. Many customers in the Middle East and South East Asia use Olive as their primary HRM software solution for their requirements. Olive is a proven industry standard payroll application and caters to the payroll and HR requirements of many countries, our customers exists in United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand etc.

Image Olive has one of the most powerful payroll engines available in market, capable of managing payroll requirements for companies across industry, across countries and for varying complexities. While the basic idea of any payroll software is to compute the salary and other components accurately and in time, ensuring compliance to the governing rules, Olive does it with ease and goes beyond the computation. Olive offers complete automation of payroll process, ensuring speed in Realtime, accuracy and ease of use, matching the requirements of the payroll, HR and Accounts department.

We have customers with varied operations, from Trading, Manufacturing, services, Projects, Contracting etc. putting their trust on Olive as their primary payroll and Hr software. We go the extra mile to delight our customers. That is why our customers turn to us for providing a flexible and powerful payroll and other application software, which match the industry’s best practices. We are proud to have some of the most respective names in their respective segments as our customers.

Being fair ! We will be fair in our engagements with our stakeholders at all points of time and shall not take advantage of anyone nor mislead anyone. We will make all attempts to be fair to all parties irrespective of the people / entities involved in all business transactions. We will strive to maintain the qualities like Mutual Trust, respect and Very Open Communications.

Ensuring Quality is a built in attribute to all our employees and is more like an obsession. We strive to induce the quality consciousness into all Olivians from the day one and you will notice that trait in all our products and services.

Image We give very high importance to the feedback from all our customers, vendors and employees and we are all ears to that. This aspect is certainly reflected in our Product features and services, with an open communication channel opened to all customers. All good ideas are appreciated, whether it is from a customer or internal and it is most appreciated when the idea adds values to many.
Our Products and our people are our core strength. We strike a balance between a growing company and a stable company, providing an informal, family oriented environment where you can make long-term friendships.