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Olive Technologies FZE

Olive Regional Feature List - Papua New Guinea

Supporting Fortnightly Payroll within each calendar month. Generate Pay Slips and Salary Registers against each of the Sub Periods (fortnights)

Complete Multi Currency Support for both local and expats payroll with the facility to change the Currency from any specific Month or Sub Period

Facility to enter Time Sheets of past month along with the current fortnight (or separately) and generate a single or different Pay Slips for each of the fortnights.

Facility to apply and record different currency exchange rates for different Time Sheet periods within a month.

Facility to show YTD figures of all the Allowances and Deductions in Pay Slips

Facility to track the Onshore and Offshore salary components as well as to track the Local and Expats separately.

Tax computation as per the PNG statutory requirements.

Facility to set / manage user defined Tax tables for each year for multiple tax scales with the facility to set A factor, B Factor, Number of Dependants etc.

Facility to apply the user defined Tax table from any calendar date. System shall automatically apply the appropriate tax tables while the Time Sheet data is being processed.

Facility to set the Taxable Income, completely user defined. User can choose the allowances and deductions to be formed as part of the Taxable Income.

Complete management of Employee and Employer Nasfund computation.

Facility to show the Employee Nasfund Deduction only or Show Employee Nasfund Deduction and the Employer Nasfund Contributions together in Pay Slips.

Built In Additional Reports available, other than the standard reports

Time Sheet Summary Report

Nasfund Monthly / Fortnightly Statements

Nasfund CSL (Graphical as per Statutory format)

Nasfund Form SF8

Statement of Earnings (Annual)

Salary Registers (Earnings, Deductions, Contributions, Financial Register, Tax Register)

Entry Checklist Reports

YTD Reports (Earnings, Deductions, Contributions, Financial Register, Tax Register)

Facility to set the Total Nasfund Income, completely user defined. User can choose the allowances and deductions to be formed as part of the Total Income for Nasfund.

User Defined Register setting facility (user can create their own registers as per their choice)

Facility to generate the different Registers in MS Excel formats.

Sub Period (Fortnightly / Monthly / Weekly) reporting facility

Currency Wise reporting facility

Local Currency, Foreign Currency and Dual Currency Pay Slips available in Graphical Preview, MS Excel and PDF Formats. Facility to send by email.

Supports the Olive Standard model and the new Rate x Qty model of data entry, storage and reporting and many more...