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Choosing the right HRMS for your company?

Are you using any payroll and HR Software for your company?

Like the majority, we do not imagine a company set to shrink. Thinking that your company is in the majority and is aiming to grow, expanding business and manpower, you will need an HRMS that will grow with you; that will grow with your company requirements not only for the current workforce, but well into the future too. In many a times, the key is to identify the future requirements and build into your current system requirements and bear it in mind throughout the selection process.

We mention some of the widely used parameters for the selection of the HRMS for a company as a matrix below

Conventional Payroll & HR systems

Multiple products / systems for Payroll, HR, Time Attendance, Recruitment, Performance Management, Asset Management, ESS etc.

Monolithic / non modular. Forced to take all built in modules

Various Data needs to be synced or entered multiple times in various modules, best example being the Time Attendance and Payroll interface

Multiple vendors for various modules offering updates and support

HR updates all the employee applications and approval details

Paper based applications, approvals, documents and records

HR tracks the employee and company related alerts and informs the employee (like document expiry and other critical details)

HR / Payroll team generates selective reports for management on periodic intervals.

Payroll means Payroll register and Pay slip only. HR uses spreadsheets for other requirements.

Straight forward payroll computation, enter the leaves, the days worked, the overtime, the deductions manually

HR uses filing cabinets for storing employee and company related documents

No online or mobile app capabilities

Be contend with what you have got, no (or less) option for customizing as per your exact requirements

Product looks promising, but support services are pathetic.

Right Payroll & HR System

One single system integrating all the modules of Payroll, HR, Time Attendance, Recruitment, Performance Management, Asset Management, ESS etc.

Modular. Choose the base pack with standard modules and choose the additional modules you wish to have

Data transfers seamlessly across HR, Payroll, Recruitment and Time Attendance solutions

One system developed and supported by a single provider

Employee can apply for various activities online and approvers approve it online

Online applications and approvals with facility to view all the documents from the application.

Employee to get direct notification on the document expiry and other important details

The management may generate the report from the system or the system can be scheduled to send the report automatically to them on specific dates and time.

Increase scope of payroll for Project/site wise costing, CTC, Review comparisons, Commission/Incentive, Payments, Banking files, compliances controls etc

Auto-Compute payroll on Leave data or Attendance module or Time Sheet/Time Attendance system data, set recurring deductions using installment system

Employee and related Company documents are stored electronically

Employee and others can access majority of the information thru ESS and mobile app

Company and the System to support customized vertical

System should be user friendly and backup team (with plenty of patience !) should be available for all the support and training needs.